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The essence of France

Our essences come exclusively from our laboratory in France.

Oriental inspired

Our perfumes take you from West to East, discovering rare and intense scents

Long and intense hold

Our perfumes accompany you everywhere and for a long time.

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Our perfumes take you from West to East, discovering rare and intense scents.

sugar oud

This meeting of the freshness of aromatic notes with the oriental subversive eroticism of woody and animal Oud constitutes a subtle ode to love. This magnificent gourmet perfume represents two opposites that attract and reinforce each other: a delicate balance, a blend of olfactory worlds, a cross between East and West. A French oriental perfume. To wear Sugar Oud is to delicately express the complexity of one's personality. Evoke strong and disturbing emotions. Assume your mysterious part.

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sugar oud



The most refined oriental fragrances

The perfumes from the Collection Gulf princes occupy a unique place in our range. The most sought-after notes of oriental perfumery are sublimated.

Perfumes in unique boxes

We are convinced that the most beautiful smells of the Orient must be preserved in the most beautiful bottles. Our team of French designers brings you here our vision of excellence in every detail.

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