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Explore the world of niche perfumery in our blog and immerse yourself in the bewitching notes of floral fragrances, rich woody accords or bewitching oriental aromas. Discover the best perfumes for men or women and immerse yourself in the history of designer perfumes. Whether you are looking for original perfumes, intoxicating oriental perfumes or fruity and gourmet perfumes, our blog will guide you to a selection of classic and niche perfumes. Discover affordable fragrances that don’t compromise on quality and find your perfect scent. Explore the raw materials like a designer, study the main notes and their uses or even the techniques of making perfumes.

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Lychee in perfumery - A unique exotic fruit!

Lychee is a tasty exotic fruit. Its slightly bizarre shape, its attractive color and its salivating taste attract all those who love delicacies. Lychee in

October 20, 2022

Choosing your summer perfume is often not an easy task.

During the summer season, we tend to pay more attention to the fragrances we choose, due to the very nature of fragrances, which may or

October 19, 2022

Photos of Les fleurs du gulf perfumes in the Italian Profumix store - Italy

Perfumes Les Fleurs du Golfe The community of Les Fleurs du Golfe fans is growing more and more. Some have tested our perfumes and decided

October 19, 2022

Our recommended perfumes

Here is our recommendation of some niche unisex perfumes that we have made for you by putting all our know-how into them.