Summer perfume: how to choose it well? Our advice and tips

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Choosing your summer perfume is often not an easy task.

During the summer season, we tend to pay more attention to the fragrances we choose, due to the very nature of fragrances, which may or may not correspond to the high temperatures of summer. Through this article, we will try to explain the differences between summer perfumes and other perfumes, while giving you simple tips that will help you to choose your summer fragrance.

Scent of summer, spring, or winter?

Before giving you our advice and tips for choosing your summer perfume, we will try to explain to you why we tend to differentiate perfumes according to the seasons.

A difference in the composition of gasoline

To begin with, you should know that the smells emanating from perfumes differ according to the composition of the essence (the pure alcohol-free extract) which constitutes them. These essences are nothing more than a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients (essential oils and artificial components), making it possible to obtain a fragrant concentrate that cannot be applied to the skin in this state, and which will be diluted in alcohol.

Depending on the ingredients used, the perfume can take on a fresh, invigorating and energizing turn: we are talking here about fresh perfumes. Moreover, if the perfume was made from a base of powerful ingredients, with a sweet or strongly woody twist: we speak of gourmet perfumes (also called “oriental perfumes”) or woody perfumes.

Thus, fresh perfumes, usually composed of citrus notes such as bergamot, lemon or orange blossom, marine notes or floral notes, are intended to be worn in summer because of their lightness and unique freshness. However, the gourmet and woody fragrances, which are based on ingredients with a powerful trail such as vanilla and amber or even Oud wood, are intended to be worn during the winter.

A photo of a mixture of fragrant flowers used in perfumes.

A difference in the concentration of perfumes

The concentrate (or essence) diluted in alcohol, can offer you different perfume compositions depending on the percentage of the concentrate in the total mixture. As we have detailed in this dedicated article , there are four categories of perfume compositions: colognes, toilet waters, perfume waters and finally, perfumes or perfume extracts.

Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette are lighter and are perfect for summer. Eau de parfum and perfume extracts are more concentrated and are more frequently worn in winter.

Concretely, how to choose your summer perfume? 4 tips

Now that you understand why there is a fundamental distinction between summer perfumes and winter perfumes, let’s see how to choose your summer perfume in concrete terms.

Favor tangy notes over sweet smells

The first tip, which is very effective when you buy a perfume on the internet, is to analyze its olfactory pyramid before deciding to buy it. This simply designates the notes or the different smells that will emanate from the perfume in question.

If the perfume contains mainly citrus notes (mandarin, orange, etc.), mint, marine and floral notes or even tropical fruit notes such as coconut, it is very likely to be compatible with the summer season.

A photo of two tangerines on a white background. Mandarin is a tangy note used in summer perfumes.

However, it does not matter that rather sweet notes are mentioned in the notes of the perfume (such as vanilla), and which are intended to further embellish the fragrance without taking away its fresh and vital aspect.

Opt for a less concentrated perfume composition, unless…!

The second tip for choosing the right summer perfume is to opt for a less concentrated perfume composition.

In practice, this amounts to preferring colognes and eau de Toilette to eau de parfum and perfumes. The reason is simple: Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette are often made up of invigorating and fresh notes, and are naturally compatible with high temperatures, except that… Their low concentration in essence causes it to lose performance.

So, if you want to smell fresh, Also require the scent to perform for long hours, this tip might not be for you. You should find what you are looking for in a few perfume extracts that combine power and freshness!

Put the perfume on your skin and let it evolve!

Sometimes, reading the composition of a perfume is not enough to decide on its purchase. Even better, even applying it to the skin for two short minutes is not enough! The reason? What you will smell after application represents the top notes of the perfume or more simply: its opening.

Indeed, we cannot know if a perfume suits us directly after application to the skin. So, you should let it evolve for a while to see what its other notes (middle and base) look like and what will accompany you during the rest of the day. If its evolution seems rather heady to you, it is probably not made for summer. But if, on the contrary, its evolution does not influence its initial smells too much and it always keeps its fresh facet, that means that you can perfectly wear it during the summer season.

A photo of different perfume bottles on a white background.

Distinguish between your daytime scent and your nighttime scent in the summer

For some, wearing a perfume is not that complicated! Morning or evening, day or night, they prefer to keep the same scent. However, you cannot have a fragrance that is compatible with all occasions and all times of the day.

In summer, the days are very hot and require maximum coolness. On the other hand, summer nights promise to be a little milder, with more pleasant temperatures.

If you really want to enjoy your favorite fragrances, you should wear them during the times they are compatible with. It’s hard to imagine smelling a very sweet perfume in the middle of a summer day! On the other hand, a perfume that contains a slightly sweet facet can really set you apart during the evening.

So, for example, you can wear an eau de cologne or an eau de toilette in the morning, and an eau de parfum or an extract of perfume in the evening. Be careful, however, that the chosen perfume extract is not too greedy.

Our selection of the best summer perfumes by Les Fleurs du Golfe

Among all our oriental perfume extracts, we have selected 4 exceptional perfumes for you to stand out during this summer!

Coco du Yémen

Through Coco du Yemen, we invite you on an olfactory journey, to distant lands where the renewed traditions of oriental perfumery tell you about their own richness, originality and authenticity. Tropical and exotic notes dominate this fragrance for a unique sensation of freshness.

A coconut scent - Coco du Yémen

Discover Coco from Yemen .

Rose Damascena

Step into a palace in Damascus on a summer evening and wander its aisles through bouquets of roses as rare as they are precious. Honey, raspberries and pistachios from the royal garden caress your memory, bringing your precious memories to life in this idyllic moment.

Rose Damascena - A Floral Scent

Check out Rose Damascena .

Perle de Dubai

This olfactory treasure is carefully preserved in a few boxes. Its smells are described as a field of fruits and flowers that takes you on a sweet ride. Its top note seduces you with the freshness of bergamot, peach and mandarin, and its heart note sublimates you with the green and vital fragrance of geranium rose. A vanilla praline beautifully forms its base, and makes this perfume an addiction.

Perle de Dubai - A fresh tangerine scent

Discover Perle de Dubai .

Night Flower

The top note of this tonka bean fragrance consists of mandarin orange and pink lychee to give you a sensation of sweet freshness. The delightful scents of Tonka and white musk will tickle your nose moments later. Finally, tender vanilla prolongs the trail of this fragrance for long-lasting pleasure…

A tonka bean fragrance - Night Flower

Check out Night Flower .

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