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Understanding the concentration of perfumes

Eau de toilette, perfume extract, eau de Cologne, eau de parfum… Many people get lost in these terms and fail to tell the difference between the categories of scented compositions. In reality, the difference is quite simple and lies in the amount of perfume concentrate contained in each of these bottles. Follow us to understand everything about the concentration of perfumes and the reasons for these differences.

Concretely, what is a perfume composed of?

Before we start talking about the concentration of perfumes, we should talk about the basic composition of a perfume. To put it simply, you should know that a perfume is composed of two different main liquids that mix to constitute the final perfume:

  • Perfume concentrate

Also called the essence of perfume,it is the pure and authentic recipe specific to each fragrance that perfumers manage to create from the different raw materials used. Perfume concentrate usually consists of a unique mixture of natural and chemical substances. This concentrate could absolutely not be used as such on the skin and is diluted with the second essential component of perfume that is alcohol.

  • Ethyl alcohol

Ethyl alcohol is the main component of perfumes in terms of concentration. It is present at least 60% and can reach up to 95% in some categories. Ethyl alcohol is the substance that dilutes the perfume concentrate so that it can be applied to the skin.

Its volatility allows it to evaporate a few moments after spraying and lets the smells of the perfume emerge with serenity. It is distorted in almost all cases in order to make its consumption impossible and to fight against the illegal trafficking of alcohol.

In addition to these two components, some fragrances contain a slight amount of water and others, even more specific, are created without alcohol. In the latter case, the perfume concentrate is diluted in a vegetable oil.

The concentration of perfumes differs from one category to another

Now that you know that a fragrance consists mainly of alcohol and concentrate, let’s take a look at how the concentration of perfumes is carried out according to the categories, from the least concentrated to the most concentrated.

Colognes, the lightest scented composition

Colognes were widespread during the 18th century. Their light and fresh smell reflects a clean and neat look. Colognes are the least concentrated scented compositions. Perfume concentrate constitutes only between 2% and 5% of the total mixture. Everything else being alcohol, they remain very light and only last for a maximum of 4 hours.

When to wear cologne?

Due to their freshness, colognes are usually worn in summer to enjoy their solar and invigorating character. They are for the vast majority composed of citrus notes such as bergamotor orange blossomor mandarin.

These tangy notes are known for their volatility and lightness. You can also find notes of jasmine or lavenderin some colognes, and more recently, marine notes that remind you of the pleasure of a swim in the middle of a sunny day.

Toilet water, a slightly higher concentration

In third place after colognes,come eau de Toilette. These have a concentration between 7 and 12%, the rest being alcohol. They are also full of freshness and lightness and consist of various hesperid or floralnotes. Their resistance remains, moreover, limited in time because of the low concentration of the essence that composes them. They can last nearly 5 hours after application to the skin.

The concentration of perfumes differs according to the categories.

When to wear an eau de toilette?

Eau de Toilette are very often composed of floral notes,citrus but can also be a lighter and less expensive version of any perfume extract.

An eau de Toilette is very often worn in the morning for a unique touch of freshness. It is ideal for hot summer days because its low concentration makes it more pleasant to feel when the temperature is high. It can be applied to the skin as well as to clothing, solo or in the company of your favorite perfume extract.

Eau de parfum contains a higher dosage

Eau de parfum comes in second place in terms of dosage. Gasoline accounts for between 12 and 20% of the total mixture. The alcohol content in this category can thus reach 88%. The eau de parfum have a considerable hold that can exceed 6 hours. However, and due to their concentration of essencewhich remains significant, their prices are higher than colognes and eau de Toilette.

When to wear an eau de parfum?

The eau de parfum are perfect for everyday use. They are neither very light nor too heady. They are very appreciated for their fairly balanced dosage that allows them to have a powerful hold and wake,while avoiding being too strong.

An eau de parfum is recommended during working days, during walks and outings with friends! It evaporates slowly thanks to its base notes that are made up of powerful scents such as vanilla, muskand patchouli.

Perfume extract or perfume, the category that contains the highest concentration

The concentration of perfumes could not exceed certain limits in order to keep the fragrances usable. Thus, perfume extract,commonly known as perfume,contains a rate of concentration of essence that varies from 20 to 40%. Alcohol in this category accounts for between 60 and 80% of the total mixture. Perfume extracts are very powerful and have an extremely powerful hold and wake. After application, the perfume can last several hours or even days!

The Pink Musk scent of the flowers of the Gulf.

When to wear a perfume or perfume extract?

Perfume extracts do not go unnoticed. They spread quickly and very easily wherever you go. This is why they are used in small quantities. A few small “pschit pschit” are enough for the perfume to soak up on you and give off its smell so powerful and irresistible.

For all these reasons, it is recommended to wear your favorite perfume for specific events in which you want to stand out. It should be noted that some perfumes can be worn on a daily basis without fear that they will be too attractive. Indeed, if these have a slightly higher concentration than eau de parfum, they can be placed like your usual fragrance. In addition, some people like to stand out on a daily basis with a powerful and elegantfragrance.

Finally, the choice is yours! There are, of course, parameters to take into consideration in order to choose the best scented composition to wear on this or that day, but your personal preferences and your olfactory desires remain the best placed for the choice of your fragrances!

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