Vanilla Fragrances: Our 4 Vanilla Fragrances You Should Try

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Baccara Vanille, the best vanilla perfume!

Vanilla fragrances are much loved by fans of fragrances. Their sweet and gourmet smells leave no one indifferent! Our perfumers pay particular attention to this precious raw material and all our perfumes contain vanillato tenderize the tenacity of oriental fragrances. But some of our creations stand out for a good dose of vanilla that makes them addictive! Discover our 4 vanilla fragrances that you must definitely try!

Baccara Vanille, the best seller of our vanilla perfumes

Particularly special! It stands out beautifully from the others by the sensations they provide… Emotion, adventure and tenderness meet to offer you an intense and refined vanilla scent.

Bergamot is placed solo in its top note to offer you this tangy starter and a dose of freshness. Tropical flowers make up its heart note and will give you an exotic pleasure that will remind you of the beautiful wild hikes. The sweet nuances of almonds offer this perfume a very appreciable gourmet facet. And finally, vanilla and amber are positioned in the bottom of the fragrance for a unique warmth and unparalleled sweetness.

Baccara Vanille is one of the most seductive vanilla fragrances! It is not surprising that it is the bestseller of Gulf flowers. This one has been reviewed by one of the most famous YouTube channels in the field of perfumery that is “Redolessence”. You can find the translated transcript of their opinion on this article.

Vanille Alcantara, a sensual and solar vanilla fragrance

The second of our vanilla fragrances that will take you by the tip of your nose is Vanille Alcantara! This perfume was created in homage to the most emblematic oriental scents…

The tonic smellsof orange blossom and bergamot welcome you with a Mediterranean entrance and cultivate optimism and joy of living! The heart notes of this fragrance lean towards a desert east with its hot smells of ambroxan and white sandalwood. And who does not know the famous Mysore sandalwood which gives perfumes a unique wooded facet?! Finally, a praline vanilla reinforces this fragrance to make it wonderfully sensual!

Vanille Alcantara has been ranked as the 5th best fragrance in our entire collection by YouTuber“BowTie FragranceGuy”. The latter reviewed our perfumes and selected the 5 best perfumes of our brand according to his preferences. Find the translated transcript of his selection through this article.

Saphir vanille, the little jewel of our vanilla perfumes

Pink Saphir or Blue Saphir? We decided to opt for Saphir vanille! An olfactory jewel that surprises you with its tenderness…

The fresh notes of pineapple and bergamot introduce this fragrance to align with Western olfactory traditions. Vanilla and white sandalwood blend cleverly in its heart note to offer a warm and soft facet to this fragrance. The iconic musk arrives as a base note for a unique orientalinterpretation.

Saphir Vanille is a real “safir” (which literally means ambassador in Arabic) of our vanilla perfumes! It is a French-Oriental that stands out from the others and allows you to taste this cultural mix between East and West!

Vanilla musk, a vanilla fragrance for all occasions

The last of our collection of vanilla perfumes is called Musk Vanille. This one is a real olfactory cocktail that keeps shuttling between India and Europe!

An introduction very fruity is offered by this fragrance that takes you in tropical scents with an atmosphere summer! Some smells of fishing and bergamot ensure a maximum freshness and leave the floral notes of the pink and orange blossom sublimate you in its middle notes. As usual, vanilla and musk rely on the base notes of this fragrance to give it a dazzling tenacity and delightful tenderness!

Do not miss the opportunity to discover one of these 4 vanilla flavors,or why not, all 4 at the same time! A perfumeis above all an experience to try, flavors to test. Take the time and pleasure it takes to enjoy the most seductive fragrances!

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